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Anemometers, wind meters and weather stations

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

The AMS recommends that all growers have a functioning anemometer that can measure wind speed and direction, store data over time and download the logged data to your smartphone or laptop or automatically upload online, allowing you to check live the current conditions. This fact sheet outlines some of the varieties available on the market.

Identification of potential new growing areas for macadamias

2006 | Williams K, Biggs I, McConchie C, Briggs P, Underhill J, Ryan P, Storey R, Prestwidge D, Laredo L, Parker T, Hardner C, Thorburn P | Research report/article

Final Report Research Project MC04026

Physiological and quality responses of macadamia to environmental conditions

1983 | Allan P | Presentation

In trying to predict suitable areas for macadamia production, some means of comparing environmental conditions in different regions is necessary. (First Macadamia Research Workshop)

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