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Integrated Orchard Nutrition (ION)

2017 | - | Fact Sheet

Integrated orchard nutrition (ION) works together with integrated orchard management (IOM) to maximise profits and production for macadamia orchards. It is important to establish an effective IOM program before considering how an ION program could assist in further improving and maximising results.

Macadamia Integrated Orchard Management Drainage 2017

2017 | Bright J, Alt S, Howard B, Langfield K | Manual/guide

This toolkit, Integrated Orchard Management Drainage, is a companion to the Macadamia Integrated Orchard Management Practice Guide 2016, and Macadamia Integrated Orchard Management Case Studies 2016.

Macadamia Plant Protection Guide 2016–17, NSW DPI Management Guide

2017 | Bright J | Manual/guide

This 3rd edition of the NSW Macadamia Plant Protection Guide provides up-to-date information on all aspects of protecting your orchard from pests and diseases. This edition is available through the NSW Department of Primary Industries website in a portable document format (pdf).

Macadamia Integrated Orchard Management Practice Guide 2016

2016 | Bright J, Alt S, Commens R | Manual/guide

This guide: • Introduces canopy, orchard floor and drainage management as the three pillars of Integrated Orchard Management. • Introduces the Stages of orchard development. • Provides a framework for assessing orchard blocks across the three pillars of canopy, orchard floor and drainage. • Encourages growers to recognise important ‘Red Flags’, signs that production decline is imminent. • Describes currently used management practices in the macadamia industry, and the appropriate circumstances for their use.

Fruitspotting Bugs 2016, NSW DPI Management Guide

2016 | Huwer R, Maddox C, Bright J, Hickey M, Newton I, Alt S | Manual/guide

Integrated approach to management of Fruit Spotting bug involving: » better understanding of life cycles » the development of new, better targeted chemicals » improved monitoring techniques including pheromone traps and trap crops » improved spray application and timing » better integration of monitoring information and controls » the possibility of continuing the search for a biological control.

Macadamia Integrated Orchard Management Case Studies 2016

2016 | Bright J, Alt S | Manual/guide

This booklet is a companion to the Macadamia Integrated Orchard Management (IOM) Practice Guide 2016. IOM is a framework for maintaining high productivity orchards, and the recovery of orchards in decline. The IOM practice guide describes the ways macadamia growers can manage canopy, orchard floor and drainage. Growers use the IOM framework to assess their orchards, and choose practices appropriate for the orchard’s stage of development. We might call that the theory. This booklet is the practice. It’s about what growers decided was limiting their orchard performance, and what they did about it. Each story tells how growers have used the theory from the IOM practice guide to identify problems on their farms, and take on management changes to sustain or recover their orchard productivity.

Australian Macadamia Industry Code of Sound Orchard Practices

2000 | O'Hare P, Bell D, Burton D, Salmon T | Manual/guide

Includes: Nut quality, food safety, orchard management, workplace health and safety, site selection, orchard layout, nursery trees, animal management, fertiliser, irrigation, soil, pests, diseases, harvesting, postharvest handling, dehusking, sorting, drying, storage, transport of nut-in-shell, further reading, Recommended minimum standards for macadamia nut-in-shell offered to processors, Recommended minimum standards for macadamia nut-in-shell offered for retail sale, Sampling and evaluation methods .

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