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Bundaberg grower trials in-cab GPS to collect yield data, improve efficiency and save time

2017 | Shofner R | Case Study

Today we live in a world where data is being generated at an exponential rate. While there are significant privacy concerns about the use of this data by government, as well as by social media corporations and the many companies whose business model is to monetise information, it’s not all bad news.

Developing a long-term orchard plan

2017 | Singh L | Case Study

Rowan Liebmann and his wife Miranda discuss their approach to financial planning and IOM.

Case Study Joof Alberts “Flatmac” Empirevale

2017 | Alberts J | Presentation

Powerrpoint presentation of farming at Empire Vale NSW

Interim industry benchmark report 2009-2017

2017 | QDAF | Research report/article

Yield, quality and planting information has been collected annually from macadamia farms throughout Australia since 2009. These data are provided either directly by growers or by processors on their behalf. Each season benchmarking participants receive a personalised report that confidentially compares their individual farm performance with the average performance of similar farms based on a range of criteria including region, locality, farm size, management structure, irrigation status and tree age. These reports also highlight individual and average farm performance trends over multiple seasons. Industry reports such as this one are produced to provide growers, consultants, investors and other stakeholders with a summary of emerging yield and quality trends across industry.

Floodplain macadamia production An introduction

2016 | Bright J | Presentation

An over view of where macadamias are grown

Growing Macadamias on the Coastal Floodplain

2016 | Dorey K | Presentation

A case study of the Dorey's farming system on the flood plains in Northern Rivers NSW.

MC10003 Improving on-farm productivity and sustainability of the Australian macadamia industry

2016 | Commens R | Research report/article

The adoption of research and development outcomes by growers and the wider industry. This project was designed to specifically address this need in the macadamia industry. It drove practice change with an increased level of levy payer engagement with the extension (R&D) program and the introduction of innovation into the macadamia industry's extension program.

MC09001 Improving farm productivity and competitiveness in the Australian macadamia industry

2015 | Mulo S | Research report/article

Project MC09001 sought to improve productivity and quality by raising awareness of its key drivers. The project also promoted industry best practice by analysing and showcasing management practices of farms that consistently achieve high productivity. High variability in on-farm productivity is a significant issue for the Australian macadamia industry. Benchmark data has shown that the top 25% of farms typically achieve five times greater production per bearing hectare than the bottom 25%.

MC09002 Improving the usability of information for the Australian macadamia industry through a web-based information "bank"

2015 | Mulo S | Research report/article

The development and delivery of web-based information and extension materials to support improved farm productivity in the Australian macadamia industry was the primary focus of this project, MC09002. The highly visual nature of video in particular provides a compelling medium for distilling complexity and aiding understanding. Three electronic guides and 55 YouTube style videos were developed during this project. Key topics included canopy management, grower innovation, latest research findings and highly productive farms and farming practices.

MC09016 Better macadamia crop forecasting Part 2

2015 | Stephenson R | Research report/article

Accurate crop forecasts for the Australian macadamia industry are required each year, to facilitate planning and marketing. This project has produced crop predictions for the whole industry since 2001, and more recently for each of the six separate production regions. These forecasts have been forwarded to the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) in March each year, forecasting that year’s crop (which is then harvested throughout the remainder of the year).

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