Macadamia Plant Protection Guide 2018-19, NSW DPI Management Guide

2018 | Bright J



This 4th edition of the NSW Macadamia plant protection guide will follow closely to the original format as seen last year. it provides up-to-date information on all aspects of protecting your orchard from pests and diseases.

Feature Article

Dr Femi Akinsanmi is an applied plant pathologist at the University of Queensland, working with the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI). Femi's research approach incorporates modern tools relating to plant disease epidemiology, host genetics and pathogen taxonomy; all of which help with planning disease management systems in agricultural ecosystems. Femi has been influential within the Australian macadamia industry and has strived to develop systems for control of diseases that are inherent with this crop.

In this year's feature article, Femi discusses the requirement for this industry to develop a more sustainable system involving cultural, chemical and biological considerations. he describes the challenges of an integrated pest and disease management (IPDM) system and issues that the indsutry needs to consider when implementing IPDM.

What's new

  • APVMA review continues
  • Phytophthora trunk canker in macadamia registration
  • Sulfoxaflor registration
  • Native bee update
  • IPM project updates from year 1
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