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Benchmarking: The impact of environmental conditions on productivity (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | NSW DPI, QDAF | Presentation

The Benchmarking team have compared weather station data with production data in each growing region to unveil the trends

Botryosphaeria Branch Dieback (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Akinsanmi F | Presentation

Associate Professor Olufemi Akinsanmi discussed branch dieback and whether this was caused by Botryosphaeria or the recent droughts.

Macadamia physiology and nut quality (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Penter M | Presentation

South African expert Mark Penter has completed extensive research on South African orchards during challenging climatic seasons and led numerous research trials to improve on-farm practices which directly impact kernel quality and post-harvest efficiency.

Pests prevalent in dry conditions (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | NSW DPI, Bright J, Huwer R, Maddox C | Presentation

How does the pest profile for macadamias change with consistently dry weather? Which pests are more prevalent in these long hot and dry seasons and how do we manage them?

Australian Tree Crop Rapid Response Map Update (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Shephard C | Presentation

Phase 1 of the Tree Crop Mapping project began in 2017 and is now complete - but what does Phase 2 involve?

Macadamia marketing: global supply, demand and how the market is evolving (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Ziehlke L | Presentation

General Manager of Marketing Lynne Ziehlke provides an update on the current global supply and demand situation and what the future of marketing Australian macadamias might look like under a Maccelerate 2030 strategy plan.

Ethepon in drought affected orchards (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Penter M | Presentation

South African expert Mark Penter discusses the current climate changes facing the macadamia industry and the implications for agriculture for more broadly.

Macadamia, the environment and orchard adaption (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Kojetin L | Presentation

From drought and bushfires to floods and damaging hail storms the Australian 2019/2020 growing season has been one of extreme weather events. It is essential to understand the environmental impacts on the crop and build orchard resilience through the use of available mitigating practices and monitoring tools.

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Bright J, Epplett N, Jones K, Mulo S, Bignell G, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Nock C, Porter G, Smith J, Langdon K, Shephard C | News Bulletin

Drought, fire, floods – we’ve had them all! The drenching summer rains have been very welcome and it seems like the drought has finally broken. But it’s inevitable that we will experience another drought and the series of articles on drought strategies provide great practical advice on making your orchard more resilient. There are tips on orchard floor management, canopy management, water use and irrigation. In the lead up to what is likely to be a variable crop, we also provide some ideas on how to deal with small nuts during this harvest season.

Leptocoris in macadamia

2020 | NSW DPI, Bright J | Fact Sheet

Leptocoris species (commonly called soapberry bugs, family Rhopalidiae), are widely distributed throughout NSW and Queensland. They will leave their native host and attack cultivated plants such as macadamia.

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