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MCT1: new elite macadamia variety

2019 | Bond D | Fact Sheet

MCT1 is a high-yielding Macadamia integrifolia variety consistently producing 42 to 50% kernel recovery. It was selected from a seedling progeny trial planted in 1982 and has been evaluated over the past 25 years. It is protected under the Plant Breeder Rights Act as MCT1 and is only available from licensed nurseries.

AMS News Bulletin Winter 2019

2019 | Roche M, Kojetin L, Erasmus J, Bell D, Trueman S, Ziehlke L, Zapp J, King K, Andersen D, Thomas A | News Bulletin

Benchmarking: Findings from the 2018 season
Grass selection and management key to orchard productivity (Matt Roche)
Good growing media: Giving your plants the best start in life (Keiran King)
Watering newly planted trees critical to long-term productivity (Donella Andersen)
Farm Tracker: Identifying and tracking crop losses (Aimee Thomas)
Environmental monitoring to improve orchard management (Leoni Kojetin)
Work health and safety: Everybody’s business
Weather stations: A sound business investment (Donella Andersen)
The results are in: Most nuts come from cross-pollination (Stephen Trueman et al.)
Mistletoe and macadamias
Update on Hidden Valley Plantations’ A-Series varieties (David Bell)
First MacGroup in Yamba responds to significant new plantings
South Africa tour looks at low-flow drip irrigation (Jamie Zapp)
Tree specifications for new nursery tree standard
Profile: Bruce and Liz Green (Donella Andersen)
New research: Macadamias’ natural fit with ice cream leaves consumers wanting more (Lynne Ziehlke)
Creative minds impress with top product concepts at Macadamia Innovation Challenge 2 (Lynne Ziehlke)
Frost protection for macadamias (Janus Erasmus)
Fans to reduce impacts of frost this winter (Donella Andersen)

Macadamia Plant Protection Guide 2019-20, NSW DPI Management Guide

2019 | Bright J | Manual/guide

This 5th edition of the NSW Macadamia plant protection guide, produced by the NSW DPI, is AVAILABLE NOW and aims to provide commercial macadamia growers with up-to-date information on all aspects of protecting your orchard from pests and diseases.

Working holiday maker visa program

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines the important changes to the rules for Working Holiday Maker (backpacker) visas and summarises the obligations employers need to fulfil if they are thinking of hiring a worker under the Working Holiday Maker program.

Floodplain orchard development

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

This fact sheet summarises the experiences of a group of growers who have established macadamia orchards on coastal floorplains. It outlines key tips and factors to consider before and after land purchase.

Mistletoe and macadamias

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that is becoming an issue in macadamia orchards, especially in the NSW Northern Rivers, and in the Gympie, Bundaberg and Rockhampton regions in Queensland. This fact sheet includes key facts about mistletoe and mistletoe birds, growth habit and how it is spread, predisposing factors to infection and management options.

Draft nursery tree standards (Mar 2019 Macadamia nursery workshop)

2019 | AMS | Presentation

The Nursery Garden Industry Australia, through Hort Innovation, is developing a macadamia nursery production standard, the aim of which is to improve orchard productivity through improvements in nursery tree stock physiology and health.

Tree standards and why we need them (Mar 2019 Macadamia nursery workshop)

2019 | Searle C | Presentation

Poor nursery trees can have a long-term impact on orchard profitability and viability. Chris Searle from MacAvo Consulting explains why tree standards are necessary for the Australian macadamia industry, drawing on the South African experience, and providing lots of practical examples.

Growing media and compost (Mar 2019 Macadamia nursery workshop)

2019 | King K | Presentation

Presentation by Kieran King (Rocky Point) which outlines the physical, biological and chemical properties of growing media.

Grass Management Options - Matt Roche (Feb 2019 MacGroup)

2019 | Roche M | Presentation

Presentation by Matt Roche (Australian Sports Turf Consultants) on grass management options in macadamia orchards. Includes an analysis of existing ground cover, benefits of grass cover, turfgrass options (new and established varieties) and grass management (plant growth regulators, mowing and scarifying, soil decompaction and nutrition, and handy tools)

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