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AMS News Bulletin Winter 2018

2018 | Erasmus J, Currey A, Bright J, Fleming G, Kaddatz B, Bell D, McConachie I, Broadley R, Ziehlke L, Zapp J, Kojetin L, Hill S, Bond D, Shofner R | News Bulletin

Improving productivity and efficiency feature
Sampling plant tissue for nutrient analysis (Hill)
Improving productivity through technology (Erasmus)
Tree planting: mechanical solution at hand (Currey)
Investment in irrigation pays off in production and quality (Kojetin)
Blockchain - what's in it for macadamia growers?
Getting to know macadamia lace bug first step to management (Shofner)
Macadamia innovation challenge and new bakery research boost marketing strategy (Ziehlke)
New varieties released
Dieback in NSW orchards (Bright)

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2018

2018 | Ziehlke L, Dorey K, Kaddatz B, Currey A, McConachie I, Boote M, Maddox C, Huwer R, Purdue I, Robertson D, Janetzki A | News Bulletin

• Harvesting feature
• Marketing feature (Ziehlke)
• Late insect damage not all down to FSB (Maddox;Huwer;Purdue;Robertson;Janetzki)
• National Tree Project: more than 28000 ha of macadamia orchards mapped (Shepherd)
• Super and your obligations (Austsafe Super)

Abandoned orchard becomes one of NSW’s top producers

2017 | Commens R | Case Study

Phil and Nicki Primrose bought their already established orchard at Woodford Island in mid-2009, and started work on it in 2011. The orchard was run down – it had not been harvested for the previous three years and no orchard improvement works such as fertilising, pruning or composting had been done. They took the orchard from this state to being one of the highest producing orchards in NSW in the 2014 season. This case study describes the management decisions taken in rejuvenating the property.

Bundaberg grower trials in-cab GPS to collect yield data, improve efficiency and save time

2017 | Odolinski S | Case Study

Today we live in a world where data is being generated at an exponential rate. While there are significant privacy concerns about the use of this data by government, as well as by social media corporations and the many companies whose business model is to monetise information, it’s not all bad news.

Careful management promotes excellence on non-traditional orchard site

2017 | Commens R | Case Study

Stewart and Salina Edmonds describe their approach to managing their Caniaba macadamia orchard.

Developing a long-term orchard plan

2017 | Singh L | Case Study

Rowan Liebmann and his wife Miranda discuss their approach to financial planning and IOM.

Developing an effective spray program

2017 | Anon | Case Study

The AMS contracted Jorg as a presenter for the July 2017 round of IPDM-focused MacGroups. The following article is an interview with Jorg and a summary of his presentation and its key message which is coverage is critical.

Foundation for reducing rejects laid before harvest

2017 | Anon | Case Study

In the 2016 Macadamia State of Origin awards, Bundaberg’s Red Rock Macadamias took out the gong for the lowest level of rejects (54 kg/ha) in the Large Grower category. Given that 2016 was a difficult year for quality in the region, owner Jason Klotz was surprised that he was able to achieve such a low level of rejects. The main focus has been soil health, nutrients and soil moisture as we judged those to be the priorities.

Holistic management the key to Koolboo production

2017 | Anon | Case Study

Bundaberg Sugar has four orchards in the Bundaberg region totalling 330 ha. In the last four years, it has increased production on its Koolboo macadamia orchard from 175 t in 2013 to 480 t in 2016. Last year’s result was significant in that it tipped production over 5.4 t NIS/ha and over 2 t SK/ha. Sean Cox describes his management strategies that are contributing to this production growth.

Improving harvest efficiency while maintaining grass on the orchard floor all year

2017 | Commens R | Case Study

Charlie and Jane Higgins run an organic macadamia orchard at Vala NSW. Charlie describes his use of ground covers and harvesting techniques.

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