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MacAlert - January 2022

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include: • Spotting bugs. Although shells have hardened, damage is still possible and will be worse after rain. • Leptocoris. More Leptocoris have been found in orchards over the last few weeks. • Macadamia nut borer. MacTrix wasp releases should continue into January if you are in NSW or Sth East QLD • Husk spot and husk rot. January is a good time to assess the extent of loss. • The wet season has arrived. Have a plan in place to deal with storm damage to the orchard and infrastructure. • Start preparing for pre-harvest clean-up. Orchard floor fanatics make more money. • Ausmac2022 is just around the corner, register now.

Macadamia virtual field walk

2022 | Topp B, Alam M, QDAF | Research report/Update

In May of 2022 QDAF hosted a virtual field walk showcasing the macadamia rootstock trial and phase II of the macadamia planting systems trial.

MacAlert - May 2022

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include: • Have you applied for disaster relief if eligible? • Following the wet season conduct a survey of your orchard for long term impacts including Phytophthora. • There are a number of ways to plan crop inputs for the season ahead. • Returning husk back to the orchard is one of the most cost effective ways to replace many nutrients. • Do you know the details of the organic matter you are purchasing? Compost, mulch, manure, soil conditioners, etc? • Continue to audit harvest efficiency and make adjustments as require, especially for machinery in wet conditions. • With more humid conditions and nuts at higher field moisture, it is vital to manage nuts post-harvest. • Have you finalised your plan for post-harvest management?

Managing storm damage

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

This fact sheet summarises ways growers can build storm resilience and recover more quickly from storm damage.

MacAlert - February 2022

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include: • Following rain, late season monitoring may be required. • Botryosphaeria is part of a group of fungi causing increasing damage in many tree species, including macadamia. • With prolonged summer rain and/or a heavy crop, you may need to adjust your nutrition program. • Pre-harvest clean-up ensures minimal old nut, sticks and debris remain on the orchard floor and dramatically improves harvest efficiency. • Conduct pre-season audits for you processor in advance, allowing time for any corrections before harvest. • Monitor for maturity. Husk colour is an on-farm indication of maturity but your processor will perform an accurate assessment. • With harvest around the corner, ensure equipment is in good order. Preventative maintenance is the key to reducing breakdowns during the season.

MacAlert - April 2022

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include: • Disaster grants and loans are available – do not rule out your eligibility; ensure you have plenty of photographic evidence. • If you conduct soil and leaf tests during Autumn, book or organise these now to assist in determining organic amendments to be applied following harvest. • Monitoring and managing vertebrate pests such as cockatoos, rats and pigs are essential during nut drop. • Consider orchard access and machinery performance in relation to weather conditions. • Six ways to prevent quality (and money) loss with simple ventilation of harvested nuts proving effective. • Conducting harvest efficiency audits and analysis of on farm crop loss may prove invaluable to your farm management. • As harvest continues and the weather cools, start thinking about frost mitigation if relevant to your region and begin planning your canopy management strategy.

Ground cover

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

The orchard floor is the engine room of any orchard. One of the best options for improving long-term orchard floor productivity and sustainability is to improve ground coverage. This fact sheet outlines the benefits of ground cover and considerations for management. Each growing region is different and a tailored solution for your orchard and the resources you have available will be required.
Healthy ground cover provides physical and biological benefits, maximises natural crop inputs and improves resilience.

MacAlert - March 2022

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

• Recovering from heavy rain and flooding – short and long term response. • Assess Phytophthora root rot and trunk canker over the next few months following wet weather. • Continue with a consistent nutrition program, which may need to be increased due to the wet weather. • Orchard floor preparation, cleaning and checking for any contaminants are essential for food safety. • Safety audits are a possibility WH&S QLD have informed the AMS that they intend to audit macadamia operations. • There are major benefits to completing a crop loss assessment. • Consider ways to reduce your harvest period and set up the orchard for the following season.

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2022

2022 | Smith A, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Searle C, Akinsanmi F, Griffin K, Cox J, Drenth A, Fuller C, Jenkins I, Price J, King K, Khan J, Maley G, Orford R | News Bulletin

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Trichlorfon permit renewed with stricter use restraints

2022 | - | Fact Sheet

Hort Innovation has informed the AMS that a permit which it holds for Trichlorfon (trade names Dipterex and Lepidex amongst others) has been renewed after APVMA review.

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